Towards sustainable, market-driven crafts production

Gantsi Craft is a not-for-profit organisation that supports crafts producers in 15 settlements across the Ghanzi District and Kgalagadi North Sub-district. In the Ghanzi district these are Ghanzi township, Qabo, Groot Laagte, Chobokwane, New Xanahas, East Hanahai, West Hanahai, New Xade, Bere, Kacgae. Metsimantle. In the Kgalagadi North Sub-district these are Monong, Ngwatle, Ncaang, Ukhwi.

Gantsi Craft works with 802 rural producers all together, with 67% from the Ghanzi district and 33 % from the Kgalagadi North Sub-district. These producers are 75% San and 23 % Bakgalagadi. 80% of all producers are women.

Gantsi Craft is involved in producer group formation, craft product development, and the purchasing of crafts for both the Gantsi Craft shop and on behalf of San Arts and Crafts, the Kuru Family of Organisation’s craft marketing company. Gantsi Craft is run by a Board of Trustees whose members are selected by producers from the settlements and from the local business community and involved civil servants in Ghanzi town.