Providing quality support to the members of the Kuru Family of Organisations

Letloa’s vision is to develop a network of modern and professional development organisations, with competent and responsible San leadership, facilitating a development process with marginalised communities, to independently make informed decisions and to implement their own viable response to their situation.

Letloa (meaning ‘net’) Trust is the lead organisation of the Kuru Family of Organisations – it exists to give strategic direction to the KFO and to build the capacity of members and to provide technical, institutional and financial management, and fundraising support to the member organisations that make up the KFO.

Letloa’s Board, which is made up of representatives of boards of Member organisations and founder members of Kuru, gives overall direction and vision to the organisation.

Apart from its services to the members, Letloa manages a few specific programme areas that require more in-depth input and focus than the members can manage. Such theme-based programmes provide cross-cutting support to members:

1 : The Community Health Programme and Communication Centre supports KFO members to increase access to care and treatment for people living with TB and HIV/AIDS, and to enable community members to pro-actively improve their livelihoods.

2 : The aim of the Land Livelihoods and Heritage Programme is to support San communities in Northwest and Western Botswana with sustainable development through Community Based Natural Resource Management, land and cultural resource mapping.

3 : The Management and Leadership Development Programme is designed as a support programme, to the KFO members, to capacity build San to take on senior management positions within their Trusts, both competently and confidently by 2012.

The Member Trusts manage the related fieldwork of these programmes, whilst Letloa provides technical supervision and support. Letloa also still facilitates networking with the government, the University of Botswana and international indigenous people’s organisations in terms of San education support, policy development on culturally adapted education and mother tongue tuition.